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Are Your Veins Abnormal and What Does it Mean if They Are?

If you notice bulging veins, you have a significant medical condition. Bulging indicates vein dilation. Constant dilation causes vein walls to weaken, leading to further damage. This includes swelling with tissue damage, permanent pigment changes and even ulceration and/or lymphedema.

Untreated, vein swelling causes fluid with red cells to continue seeping through weakened vein walls. This pooling results in swelling of the lower leg. Tissue damage results over time and may lead to skin break down, creating an ulcer. Schedule an appointment with our friendly team if bulging veins are becoming too obvious to ignore or if you are suffering from aching or fullness as the day progresses.

Treating Bad Veins Before they Get Worse

Bulging veins are a sign of venous insufficiency. Allowing signs like bulging veins and ankle swelling to go untreated can lead to further changes that affect your quality of life.

Stop wondering about bulging veins. Visit our Knowledge Center to see patient resources that help you identify and treat your vein issues.

Treating Bad Veins Before they get Worse
Bulging veins indicate serious venous illness. Reach out to our experienced team for fast relief that stops the damage and improves your quality of life.

"I have been going to VVC for years."

— Jussi D., Orlando, FL

Before and after photos of leg that received vein treatment
These are typical results from our certified vein treatment. If you have painful veins or simply want to improve your legs' appearance, get your consultation today.

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